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    Hi there and welcome to Superfood Reviews!

    Given that green superfood powder is a relatively new concept to some, like myself, I decided to put this website together to help you (and me) find our way. Being a fan of blending my own green smoothies, I found at times I didn’t always have the time or would be out traveling.

    Its times like these I needed a more convenient way to get in all the greens without lugging around my expensive Vitamix S30. That’s where green superfood powder fits into the equation.

    There seems to be new products hitting the shelves monthly – it can be trick to know where to turn. Each product seems to have a different take and angle – who has the time to figure it all out?

    This is where this site comes into play. I’ve been through a few different products and this site will share what I’ve found along the way in an unbiased fashion.

    I hope you enjoy!