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  • Are there Benefits to a Green Superfood Powder?

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    We all know how important greens are for our health. The question is how do you get all the important greens foods into your diet in the quickest easiest way possible? And what are the benefits of consuming these types of foods?

    Firstly, greens help us cleanse, alkalize and energise our body. They cleanse and detoxify our body because of the way they attract heavy mettles, pulling them through our digestive system and eliminate them out of our body. They help to energise out cells because of how they alkalize our blood.

    So much of our diet now is made up of processed dairy, processed white flower, processed sugars that are all highly acidic foods. If were to observe your blood cells under a microscope, you’d see that they are more stuck together and move more slowly – making you feel more sluggish and more prone to disease.

    If you take more green juice, drinks and foods and start to alkalize your blood, shifting that PH toward more of a alkalize environment in your body – you’ll start to feel more energised. Your bold cells under a microscope will appear to be moving more freely with a nice electric charge around them – making them a lot healthier.

    How can we make our Bodies as Healthy as Possible?

    The answer is to introduce more greens into your diet. There are a few ways to achieve this. The first is simply introduce more greens into your diet such as a big green salad. Secondly, you can do it through a green juice juicing (a cold press juicer). By doing so you are concentrating the benefits and nutrients of the green plant into a drinkable liquid. You can spice things up with a splash of lemon or lime to give it more flavour. Next, you can do with green smoothies where you take green foods and put them into a blender, mixed with some almonds, nuts or seeds + some type of milk and create a green smoothie.

    So you have all these options and as you think about all these options, you are trying to liquefy these greens and get them into your blood stream. Even when you eat greens you are essentially liquefying them. Our digestive systems are like a giant juicing machine – breaking foods down to their smallest form ready for digestion. By juicing and blending the greens we are allowing for easier faster digestion.

    If you don’t have the prep time or find you don’t eat a lot of greens (let’s face it – not a lot of people do on a regular basis), a green superfood powder my just be what you’re looking for. The benefits of a green superdood power is that you can take it anywhere with you and mix it with in seconds. All you need is your powder and some water.

    If you on a plane, you can add it to some bottled water; if your in a hotel room you can add the mix to a glass of water. You’ll be hydrated with the greens in your body; feeling energized and refreshed in no time. Having “no time” is no longer a factor.

    The Benefits of a Green Superfood

    The benefits to a green superfood mix are far reaching. If you are on anti-acid / reflux medication, this is your natural solution. The alkalizing properties found in mix work to counteract the reflux and acidic build up in your body. It’s a known fact that anti-acid and reflux medication is one of the most sort after over the counter medications. A green superfood mix is your simple solution.

    Most of the well knows products contain varying degrees of wheat grass, barley grass and alfalfa grass. These have low to no trace of gluten in them. You’ll often see grasses growing in trays in your typical juice bar. It’s what they create the powerful green shots from – that doesn’t taste to good. Your typical green mix with have other ingredients added to make it taste great.

    One thing to be on the lookout for when buying a product with grass powder, is the difference between a grass juice powder and a grass powder. A cheaper grass powder will leave you with a raspy feeling on your throat and is often harder to digest as its not been through a juicer. Grass juice powder on the other hand is cut fresh, run though a cold press juicer, then dried. The result is a green powder that retains much more of the nutrients, is more palatable and dissolves better in water.

    Spirulina and chlorella are the next common products fond in a mix. A lot of research has gone into discovering the health benefits of these algaes. There high protein and nutrient rich that help in drawing heavy metals out of the body. Farming techniques used post world war 2 leave many greens (including organics) containing a certain level of toxic metals from the machinery and environment. Spirulina and chlorella are strong tasting increments that are added sparingly as to not over power the taste.

    To give the product taste, vanilla, cinnamon and some type of natural sweetener is added. These combined with the green grasses and algaes round out the flavour to product a nice tasting green drink (when mixed with water or your morning smoothie) packed full of nutrients – that keep you coming back for more.

    Introducing a green powder into your diet has the ability to transform your life. When taken on a daily basis – will keep your body cleansed, alkalized and energized. The process takes less than 30 second to blend into some water and drink with your morning ritual or add to your green smoothie.

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