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  • Green Mango Morning Smoothie

    Green Mango Ingredients

    This smoothie is extremely refreshing! I’d like to point out that it’s the superfood mix that gives this smoothie its colour – I’m not using unripe mango’s or some special exotic type! You don’t have to stick to mango in this recipe, you can add in whatever frozen fruit you like.

    I often use frozen ingredients in place of fresh ingredients as the frozen ingredients were picked during season and contain their full flavour. Fruits you find in the supermarket out of season are often imported or their lack full flavour.


    Putting it all together

    When adding the ingredients to your blender, remember to always start with the softest items first. Progress to the solid ingredients before adding in your liquids. Wiz the ingredients together for 1 – 2 minutes or until you reach your preferred texture.

    If you add more frozen mango than your blender can handle, your mixture might get stuck. If this is the case, remove the jug from your blenders base and give it a nudge. If this doesn’t help, add some more milk or water.


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