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  • A Review of Amazing Grass Green Superfoods

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    Are you a health freak on the lookout for a green superfood supplement that will leave you feeling energized in a few short weeks? Is Amazing Grass Green filled with a good variety of high quality powder? All the great reviews are helpful but what do you get for your money?

    Find out in this review…

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    Amazing Grass Green Superfood (AGGS) is the flagship product of Amazing Grass. It is a popular blend which is a mix of wheat grass, our alkalizing farm-fresh greens, wholesome fruits and veggies, antioxidants, and not to mention – nutrient-dense superfoods!

    Nutritional Profile

    AGGS house a well-rounded antioxidant profile, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and fiber count making it a comprehensive product. The AGGS listing of ingredients embraces a solid emphasis on high-quality grasses and organic ingredients:

    Taste and Texture

    Taste is very subjective. Though there is an array of greens-based products on the markets today, you will find that the earthier the product’s taste, the better.

    AGGS definitely won’t win you over with its grassy taste alone; it is highly earthy, gritty and holds rich texture. In time, you may acquire a taste for AGGS, but then again – most people won’t.

    Most people are so accustomed to sweetened foods that the transition to a nutrient-dense drinking food diet is quite an adjustment. For those trying out greens powders for the first time, try to take them with smoothies | juices to help you be a step closer to getting accustomed to their taste. Add natural sweeteners to your superfood mix and you surely will enjoy it.

    On the Amazing Grass website, there is a detailed recipes section where customers have a platform to review the recipes they have tried. The section presents an insight into the different ways that you can have your AGGS – in the case that you do not want to enjoy it by itself.

    Amazing Grass’ superfood mixtures product line avails different flavors (lemon lime | orange creamsicle | berry) – which all are great alternatives for all those who prefer a little more flavor to the regular wheatgrass.


    Now, for AGGS’ value – this is by far the most challenging section to review. Why? It is close to impossible to make comparisons of apples-to-apples because each product holds a unique array of ingredients.

    So what’s left to do? Though it is not an exact science, you can determine the worth of the product by considering:

    Only then – can you take note of the cost-per-serving!

    Note – each serving accounts for a total of 8 grams of nutrition. AGGS generally holds a decent value. You can do a whole lot worse!



    Does it Work?

    And of course, to wrap up the review with the most vital observation of all – does AGGS have any beneficial aspects?

    Yes. Indulging a daily intake of the 30-day supply gets you into the position where it only takes about 8 days for the results to spawn. AGGS supports the sustenance of energy levels and mental acuity. Well, it is difficult to pinpoint the causality for these aspects – but it certainly does not hurt!

    AGGS is perhaps the best-formulated product line among in the pool of superfood mixtures and is a good option for those looking to acclimate themselves to green drinks.

    As per the customer reviews, the company has impeccable customer service and build on original products with ingredients that make them very distinct.

    Not for you? Perhaps the next green superfood powder in our line up – Green Vibrance – will be better suited towards your needs. To see our take on the product, be sure to see our Green Vibrance Review.

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