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    If you are trying to find the right superfoods green drink mix for you, there are really only two options that give you the best of everything. First – you have Macro Greens, which packs a powerful nutrient punch. Then, you also have Green Vibrance – which boosts your immune system and compliments your digestive system.

    There are many considerations you want to take when choosing the green superfood mix that is right for you, because it is truly an investment. Not only are you investing your hard-earned money, but, also your time and your health! You will want to consider the health benefits, as well as the taste and texture.

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    Why Macro Greens?

    Macro Greens is designed to alkalize and balance your body’s nutritional needs. It is comprised of organic, whole-food ingredients that will improve an exceptional amount of your health. There are several ingredients that boost your energy, improve your immunity and compliment your digestion, but there are also ingredients to improve your skin, hair, vision, and even memory.

    You won’t find genetically-modified organisms (GMO) in this green superfood drink mix because the benefits of natural, organic wholefoods far outweigh the cheap cost of mass-produced junk. Even with the enormous list of earthy, healthy greens, fruits, veggies, and herbs – Macro Greens still manages to have a palatable flavor.

    Some users have complained of the Stevia flavor, but note that when mixed with a sweet smoothie – the Stevia flavor dilutes. However, it is also important to note that you cannot mix Macro Greens with citrus products as the acidity reduces the effectiveness. Additionally, don’t drink citrus drinks for several hours after consuming Macro Greens.

    Additionally, Macro Greens can substitute FIVE of your required fruits and veggies each day – allowing you to enjoy a more diverse meal plan each day. You can enjoy a boost in energy (allowing you to skip a couple cups of coffee) while getting your vitamins and minerals each day.

    If you’d like a more in-depth review of Macro Greens, head on over to our full Macro Greens Review.

    Why Green Vibrance?

    Green Vibrance sets a very high bar when it comes to its nutritional profile. With 32 different wholefood ingredients and over 25 billion probiotics – you must search hard to find a green drink mix more in-depth nutritionally. Packed with whole foods, herbs, and probiotics, its more vitamin-rich than any pill you could ever take.

    The vast list of ingredients gets you everything you need in terms of vitamins and nutrients in a single serving. It promotes digestive wellness, improves your immune system, and balances your body’s cellular synergy. As you may often seek to find an emotional or physical center – Green Vibrance provides your nutritional center.

    While some users aren’t thrilled with the taste – it is easy to understand that this green drink mix would have an earthy flavor. Thankfully, though, it can be masked with bananas or peanut butter, so you can add Green Vibrance to your morning smoothie! Unlike Macro Greens, Green Vibrance can be added to a citrus-based smoothie or drink.

    Overall, Green Vibrance packs a lot of nutrition into a tiny serving – so it is well worth the off-putting flavor if you choose to simply mix it with water. It only takes a few minutes to drink in the morning – and you can skip the handfuls of vitamins and pills for the rest of the day.

    If you’d like a more in-depth review of Green Vibrance, head on over to our full Green Vibrance Review.

    How Do Green Vibrance and Macro Greens Top the Charts?

    Ultimately, both Green Vibrance and Macro Greens edge out the competition because they both include probiotic properties that promote excellent digestive health. They both include wholefood ingredients including antioxidant-rich herbs to boost your immune system. Most importantly, both balance your body’s nutritional needs.

    The green drink mix competitors often have a very plant-like flavor and texture while Green Vibrance and Macro Greens are only slightly earthy. Competitors also often have a chalky texture (due to food powders) while drinking and must be diluted further to be palatable. These are aspects to take into consideration if you are considering an alternative.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t make sense alternate both products. Since Macro Greens includes caffeine-based ingredients, your body would crave the caffeine on days you are taking Green Vibrance. Then, on days you are taking the Macro Greens, your body would be missing the 25 billion probiotics.

    Which Should I Choose?

    Ultimately, the decision is yours. You need to decide if you prefer the energy boost provided by Macro Greens or the well-rounded nutritional profile provided by Green Vibrance, you will be making a great decision either way.

    However, if you want a superfood drink mix that is more versatile, Green Vibrance is your choice, as it can be seamlessly mixed with any ingredients (including citrus). Green Vibrance also offers a much more advanced nutrition profile in terms of probiotics for indigestion.

    You also won’t need to worry about getting the jitters or crashing from the caffeine found in Macro Greens when you choose Green Vibrance. Additionally, some users with sensitive stomachs find that Macro Greens consistently leaves them with indigestion. So, with Green Vibrance, you won’t need to drink a cup of warm water with lemon prior to taking your vitamin supplement.

    Concluding That Superfood Drink Mixes are the Way to Go!

    Whether you decide that Green Vibrance is right for you or that Macro Greens is right for you – simply choosing a superfood green drink mix is the right choice. In choosing a healthy lifestyle of a nutritious diet and regular exercise, implementing a green drink mix is the next step.

    If you are trying to lose weight, chances are you are limiting your diet, calorically. Thus, you are denying your body precious vitamins and nutrients. Both Green Vibrance and Macro Greens will help fill in the gaps missing in your diet, ultimately ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

    If you are simply trying to be healthier, though, Green Vibrance and Macro Greens will boost your immunity, promote great digestive health, and balance your nutritional needs. You will likely wonder how you ever got all your vitamins and nutrients without a superfood green drink mix.

    Not for you? Perhaps the next green superfood powder in our line up – IT Works! Greens – will be better suited towards your needs. To see our take on the product, be sure to see our IT Works Greens Review.

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