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  • Arsenic in Green Vibrance – Should You Be Worried?

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    Green Vibrance Arsenic

    Its seems to be a common question asked surrounding Green Vibrance and other Superfood mixes. Should I be concerned about the levels of Arsenic found in Green Vibrance? There have been articles (like this one!) released that paint the picture of the product to be a sever health risk like – consumer labs and Prevention.

    Articles like these and this one – should never be taken as and all-knowing source of information. There’s often more to the story, facts left out or are swayed to lead you down a desired path. Here are my finding on the subject..

    Before I start; I’d like to set the foundation that the produce that goes in to every container of Green Vibrance is USDA certified organic. It’s basically the same fruit and veg that you will find at your local farmers market or supermarket. The produce is not randomly sourced for a cheaper price – its tested to make sure it passes certain health checks like levels of arsenic and other toxic elements.

    What is Arsenic and where is it found?

    Arsenic is an odourless, tasteless element. There are two types of Arsenic that exist – that which is found organically and that which is man-made.

    Organic Arsenic is found naturally in the environment and is not toxic. Organic arsenic is found naturally in the air, soil and water. Some areas of the planet are known to contain a higher amount of arsenic than others due to dirty water and mining.

    The organic compound has been used in medicines to treat tuberculosis, diabetes and veneral diseases. Up until recent break thoughts in medicine, this form of arsenic was common place and is not toxic in small amounts.

    Arsenic Trioxide (man-made) on the other hand is toxic. This type of arsenic is commonly used for wood preserving and in farming pesticides. It’s this type of arsenic that can cause cancer, skin discolouration and small warts.

    The Arsenic found in Green Vibrance is organic type.

    How dose Arsenic get into the product?

    Arsenic is an ingredient added to Green Vibrance or any other type of Superfood mix to prelonge its shelf life or make it taste better.

    Its common knowledge that a plant extracts water and nutrients from the soil in order to grow and mature. It’s during this process that organic arsenic and other toxins located in the soil are absorbed by the plant.

    In other words, a cetin level of arsenic is unavoidable. Its also well know that some plants take up more Arsenic than others such as rice and apples. Just like aspirin, a small amount of Arsenic is generally ok; but large amounts can be harmful.

    A little about the governing bodies..

    Ok, now on to the meat and potatoes of the article. To start with, there are two regulatory bodies that govern how much arsenic is acceptable. These are the US’s EPA and FDA. Green Vibrance is FDA approved.

    It’s the EPA’s job to evaluate how much Arsenic is in the soil. Just to give you an idea, the EPA allows for 1 part arsenic per billion in drinking water or one ice cube worth in an Olympic sized swimming pool. There’s no information on Green Vibrance Website that states its produces adherence.

    The FDA on the other hand tests the finished product – what’s important. The FDA checks out the amount of Arsenic found in the mix. Vibrant Greens is regularly tested according to its website and has been found to contain trace elements of organic arsenic.

    The amount found in Vibrant Greens is equivalent to that found naturally most in plants. The amount present is well with in tolerance levels and not going to affect your health.

    But the other article state there is a high level of arsenic?

    This is true and let me shed a little light on the topic. Vibrant Greens contains a highly concentrated form of fruit and veg. One serving of the product is equivalent to serving of fruit and veg. The trick here is compare apples to apples.

    Let’s say for instance you identified all the individual ingredients present in one tee spoon of Vibreant Greens and purchased their whole food equivalent at your local farmers market. If you were to test every item’s level of Arsenic and add it all up – it would be roughly the same as that of a tee spoon of Vibrant Greens. So naturally, there will be a high amount present.


    Just to cap thing off, yes there is a level of organic arsenic found in Vibreant Greens. The compound is not of the toxic man-made variety or it would not get the FDA’s tick of approval. The amount present is equivalent to that of their whole food substitute.

    The amount in the product in the product is not enough to impact your health in a bad way. If you have an existing condition or are unsure, it might be best to consult with a doctor or your local GP. Vibreant Greens is a staple part of my diet and is used regularly by body builders and people looking to get into shape.

    Want to know more? Take a look at our full review of Vibreant Greens.

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