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    Being healthy – it isn’t a fad, it’s a lifestyle! If you are anything like the millions of other health-conscious people in the world, you know that getting your vitamins and nutrients organically is almost impossible. You’d likely need to eat your weight in whole foods to come anywhere even close.

    Sure, you can supplement many of your vitamins through pills, but you’ll be taking a handful of pills, several times each day. With some of the pills being as large as a clove of garlic, it can become quite the inconvenience. Luckily, there are other solutions on the market for getting your vitamins and nutrients.

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    You can easily find smoothies, juice drinks, and superfood mixes that will help you get your necessary nutrients each day with one simple serving. While it is great because it is so easy, there are a few things you will want to be wary of when choosing the drink supplement that is right for you.

    Some complaints about general drink mixes you will find include:

    Thankfully, you will find that Macro Greens uses high-quality, organic ingredients for their superfood drink mix, covered next in this macro greens review. These high-quality ingredients support exceptional results including an energy boost, healthy digestive system, and improved immunity. If you are trying to lose weight, you will likely find that Macro Greens Superfood helps you achieve weight loss naturally.

    What’s Included?

    With most smoothies, juice drinks, superfood mixes, you are going to find a list of ingredients that wasn’t written for general humans. Even if you are a nutrition-buff, you are going to find some difficulty going through the list of ingredients that often includes manufactured or lab-created food products (such as GMO).

    With Macro Greens Superfood, you are going to find only the highest-quality organic ingredients. These ingredients include:

    There are additional ingredients, such as yucca, watercress, and carrot juice powder to improve the conditions of your joints and relax your nervous system. You can also find ingredients that are included to support your liver and kidneys as well.

    How Will I Benefit From The Superfood?

    With Macro Greens Superfood, you will find that there are many benefits for your health. You will find many varieties of green drinks on the market, so it is important that you find the one the provides you not only the most benefits – but the benefits you are looking for.

    It is important that you find a green drink that doesn’t have an overpowering plant flavor. Many green drinks on the market have an unfavorable, gritty texture. One user of Macro Greens Superfood found that it mixed well with his morning chocolate smoothie and that it fared well as an energy replacement to coffee!

    Another important consideration when choosing a green drink is to find a brand that has a proven track record for working. Many users of Macro Greens Superfood will gloss over the small details – such as taste, texture, and sweetness – simply to boast about how great they feel!

    If you have a tough time getting in your 5-6 recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables, ensure that your green drink mix accounts for at least some of your daily servings of fruits and veggies. With Macro Greens Superfoods, some of the consumers LOVE that it covers all 5 recommended servings – giving them much more flexibility with meal planning.

    Whether you have acid reflux or general indigestion, it is typically important to take probiotic supplements each day (if you don’t already). With Macro Greens Superfood, green drink mix, users note their appreciation for its probiotic qualities. They no longer need to take daily probiotic supplements or remember to eat probiotic-friendly yogurt.

    The Downsides To The Superfood Mix

    With the endless benefits that Macro Greens Superfood green drink mix offers, you may be wondering what the catch may be. Surely, a drink that provides all your necessary vitamins and minerals, supplements all your essential nutrients, and covers your 5 needed fruits and vegetables cannot be perfect, right?

    It has Stevia as a sweetener. With as many healthy green products as Macro Greens has, it is important to ensure the mixture is palatable. To combat the natural bitterness of many of the ingredients, Stevia is used to ensure that it can be mixed with other sweet drinks you may be consuming, such as a smoothie.

    It can’t be mixed with citrus products. This is true – it will reduce the overall effectiveness of the product. It is also important to note that you shouldn’t consumer citrus products (such as orange juice) for a period of time after drinking your Macro Greens Superfood green drink.

    It contains caffeine. While there are many vitamins and minerals that give natural boosts of energy, true sustainable energy is best derived from Green Tea extract, which is included in Macro Greens Superfood.

    It gives me indigestion. Some users have stomachs that are more sensitive to the natural ingredients found in Macro Greens Superfood. If you find that you also get indigestion after drinking your green drink, try drinking warm water with lemon 20 minutes before your green drink.

    Not for you? After a thorough inspection of over 10 superfood products, Macro Greens ranks in our top two. To see our number one recommendation – be sure to pay a visit to our Best Superfood Powder guide.

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